This trip’s temporary
(Do I mean temporal?)
Stargazing for home
I’ve nigh started but then
Have also gotten ahead
Seeing the end ‘fore the finish:
Her yellow-bright sides
Heaving up to gold curves;
The oracular groans
Of many-chattering chords,
Woven and twined
Rising too to her heights
With no aid of device
Osculation for Pantocrator, Lord.

I ride in, cresting hills
On sunflower road
Gripping bumps and bruises:
Limbs, hopes, logic on edge
Tracking the steps
Of the intransigent giant
Leaping swathes over mounds in the distance.
A god halfway! Bleeding life
Only rising with wind
Only resting at the whims of this master.
I blink, then it’s there
No giant, no creature
But steel carapace in verdure
What looks like it walks stands still, but faster –

Still moving!
Transmitting the blood
That keeps it all flowing:
And high concrete brethren
Connected afar
Stuck up ‘cross long lands
Suck more sparkling thrums
From state conduit to capitol
And into her iconic heart
As I bump on in one flight
One of the many, the everyday
That soar right alongside –
Oh! what’s that, then? The end?
Two black horses alight…


A frank long life




A frank long life

It’s volatile
This frank long life
A surging mass, a humbling strife
It tickles too
And vrums, and woos
Really, dear, I think it’s you

The streets and smells
And cracks and signs
Would probably be nice and fine
For all who thrum and bustle ‘long
Through crowds of people,
Tumbling throngs

Near cities, ports,
Small towns and roads
‘Side curving brooks
On ways to work
As long as they don’t think to look
For someone cute like you, my jerk

But minus you,
There ain’t much flair
I can’t stand a day without your stare
Your grumblings, glares
You in my hair
I shouldn’t like to breathe the air

In space that’s somehow not yours too
Can’t really think how I’d get through
A shitty day
A turgid meeting
A paper that still needs completing
Or other little stresses fleeting

Like rockets sparkling –
They’re what I see
When you flash that goofy smile at me
(Okay, I lied, it’s more like three
Scouring flames across the sky
When your heart is beating ‘cross to me)

I want to kick you time to time
You’ve ammunition,
You snark and whine
In my direction
You lout, you swine,
You muddling hammered trite bovine

You trip, you snake, you utter flake,
All my patience your thrift takes
To meet you in your silent wake
It’s like I’m filling in your blanks
Don’t forget it’s shit
When effort breaks.

I hear your vibes
Your love, your jibes
It’s like you’ve messaged me a hive
Of throbbing, thrusting,
Questing ties
(But can’t you pass on trifling lies?)

We’ll get there, kid
We’ll take the time
(I’m optimistic,
Forget this shine
Of rippling fervor –
It’s still benign)

I’ll settle all your florid fancy
Scoff off all that darling dancing
Your generosity,
This trine
In Pluto’s arc
Can’t make you mine

‘Cause I don’t buy that shit
It’s fine
I’ve passed on by those glor’ious lines
Of partnership
Your hand, it’s shake,
I know that I don’t have to make

More effort in this
Foolish take.
We’ve faked it, there,
I said it loud
We’re back to that unsettled slough
I’ll pass on tension, done for now.


Miss Sylvia




Miss Sylvia

 In attention to display
There was verve to move closer
Filling, filling
“hungry, hungry”
For his

Lip’s wit, though unsaid
Split between and scattered she
Grasped long,
Full embrace of
His fuck

Prescient, she pulled
Dull bright thing to the skin
To her own
And fled
Fuck it –

To bed

Plastic and pretty
Ain’t she tired of being kind
Attention to the arc
Filling, filling
It bled

Dark light
Seething at the skin of his
New dread she
Bled hard

Loved red

Pulled her head to the
End – his charisma, and fumes
Coulda said
Screw Ted
Hard life

Silver spoon fed she wrote
She was born to be bred
Plump Venus felt,
But delayed
Life’s wave

Soon dead

A wretch in the womb
Or her mother’s embrace
Lost father
Gone culture
Wave bye

Bare hindsight she told
Surging rolls of her anger
She belched it
Stood in it but
By then

She fled

She had taken the dull thing
Done it in to herself
Such a waste,
Her anger.
Then finished

She fled.