I think I’ve got myself a sidekick.

This afternoon as I slipped into my running pants, I heard a tap-tapping on my bedroom doorframe. The introduction now elicits instant recognition: it was, of course, my upstairs neighbor and curious confidant, Livia. (Ever-observant, the girl had complimented a tattoo peeking above my fellow volunteer’s shirt-line the other day. I decided to let her in on my own secret – my admission was met with a blasé glance. Relief! The first member of my family to know about my tattoo couldn’t care less. After warnings from the Peace Corps that tattoos in Moldova may be met with responses ranging from interest to indignation, I couldn’t have been more pleased with Livia’s nonchalance.) Continue reading “Sidekick”

My Home, My Host Mother

Life on my “small farm” is at times serene, at other times hurried, but observably varies by the season. Today I watched, for the first time, a mother hen hovering over her young. One chick had ducked under its mother’s breast, and from across the yard a quick procession followed suit. I was surprised that so many chicklets – 12 at least – could not only somehow signal at such a distance that it was time to roost, but also fit themselves so neatly in their mother’s plumage. And so many young animals! I caught my host mother Nadea doing chores in the front yard yesterday with two ducklings in her pocket. Continue reading “My Home, My Host Mother”

Arrival: My first Moldovan host family

Here at last, here at last! Today I made it to my Pre-Service Training host family’s site in a small village in Central Moldova. I will live here for the next eight weeks and then move to my permanent home in some place I-don’t-know-where. The transition here has been smooth, my appreciation for Moldova has already blossomed and my gut tells me I may have stumbled upon one of the best-kept secrets in Moldova: the home of Nadea and her two daughters. Continue reading “Arrival: My first Moldovan host family”