The following video is the first project I’ve put together for a course called “Immersive Storytelling Using Mixed Media.” The assignment was simple – take two videos with a cell phone, and play them at the same time.

I couldn’t keep it too simple, though. Our course professor had offered a few themes to run with, and the first to catch my eye was “long-distance relationship.” I’ve been working on one for over two years now, and no, it’s not impossible. I think it’s even become more common these days, and more doable. We’re lucky to be so connected.

The New Face of Comrat


Every summer, former EVS volunteers make their way back to visit Comrat and the Miras Moldova gang.

This summer, returned volunteer Cosma Billiotel-Roinel came determined to continue his mission! We collaborated on a video to celebrate volunteers and Miras staff, past and present – and to show off the New Face of Comrat.

Danny Directing

Videos, Youth Activities

There are times when I think there’s a wisdom to that one conception of telepathy – not the mind-reading, clear as day, but more on the side of premonition. You know, something’s coming. And I imagine the afternoon Danny’s school director announced her request, he had a little inkling bumming around the back of his mind, that sixth sense for potential projects. In this kind of ramshackle, seat-of-your-pants work, you learn to sniff out the blood pretty quick.