You Need Unique New York, You Know?

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I have so many questions about how I will conduct myself in today’s United States. I have so many questions about how we converse to address hard hate. Ours is a country of multiplicity, and a country of unbridled spite. We march for personal freedoms, and we march for the Alt-Right. How can we cope with our divisions and our President’s revisions? Read on for thoughts on today’s US politics, and a photo gallery of a trip (at the end of the post) to NYC – a place I believe may hold some of the answers we seek.

Reconnecting: Meeting Friends in Lille

Stories and Culture

My partner and I wound up in Lille this week – a spontaneous trip to visit friends from France and Moldova!

What you might appreciate most after months of volunteering, or working, or studying elsewhere, are the connections you take away with you.