Everyone I talk to says this pandemic’s

Hairy business.

I was wondering how much dark it would dredge up

How much weird and sludge

(Quite a lot, and now

We’ve had the span for attention)

Whether we’d re-emerge shiny and bright

(Can’t tell yet)

Or wait, then sink, then grumble back

To our starting places.

Would it turn us around,

Wedge us into a new corner?

How much time do we need to go in then come out

Better than before?

I’d thought murky times herald light

But I’m not sure.

We were hoping for change,

Our Renaissance

Maybe it’s the desperation

Or maybe I’ve just got good friends

But people kept saying we’d found


Or the space for it,

If we acted.

Have we acted, yet?

(Where are our stimulus checks?)


We’ve got to keep reminding ourselves that there’s power in anger and how we direct it. We’ve got to remember to care. We’ve got to remember to not let “those” moments slip by. We’ve got to remind ourselves about what’s important. Posted with gratitude for the writing class that’s reminding me not to get too complacent, not to lose sight. It’s gratitude for all the incredible women writers who inspire, who push, who challenge, who contend. Thanks to the great women who never stop moving. Continue reading “Tights”