This trip’s temporary
(Do I mean temporal?)
Stargazing for home
I’ve nigh started but then
Have also gotten ahead
Seeing the end ‘fore the finish:
Her yellow-bright sides
Heaving up to gold curves;
The oracular groans
Of many-chattering chords,
Woven and twined
Rising too to her heights
With no aid of device
Osculation for Pantocrator, Lord.

I ride in, cresting hills
On sunflower road
Gripping bumps and bruises:
Limbs, hopes, logic on edge
Tracking the steps
Of the intransigent giant
Leaping swathes over mounds in the distance.
A god halfway! Bleeding life
Only rising with wind
Only resting at the whims of this master.
I blink, then it’s there
No giant, no creature
But steel carapace in verdure
What looks like it walks stands still, but faster –

Still moving!
Transmitting the blood
That keeps it all flowing:
And high concrete brethren
Connected afar
Stuck up ‘cross long lands
Suck more sparkling thrums
From state conduit to capitol
And into her iconic heart
As I bump on in one flight
One of the many, the everyday
That soar right alongside –
Oh! what’s that, then? The end?
Two black horses alight…