The following video is the first project I’ve put together for a course called “Immersive Storytelling Using Mixed Media.” The assignment was simple – take two videos with a cell phone, and play them at the same time.

I couldn’t keep it too simple, though. Our course professor had offered a few themes to run with, and the first to catch my eye was “long-distance relationship.” I’ve been working on one for over two years now, and no, it’s not impossible. I think it’s even become more common these days, and more doable. We’re lucky to be so connected.

I though the format of projecting two screens at once would be perfect to represent what many modern relationships – whether romantic, friendly or family – look like in 2018. So many of our communications depend on the little black screen.

But to really connect, the effort is far more than the video chats. It’s remembering to plan a time to speak, and making oneself available; it’s spending time apart mulling over memories, rereading messages and flicking through pictures; it may be sending a physical gift, or even planning a long-distance meal together.

This video is personal, and rightly so. In order to immerse oneself in a subject, there must be some kind of connection that convinces you that you’ve entered another world. In this video, you’ll be introduced not only to the inner workings of a long-distance relationship, but to the many ways we, as individuals, may communicate and connect with our loved ones. Sometimes, a memory – an idea – is what keeps the affection alive.

I hope you enjoy.


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Haley Bader

Hey! You've made it to my site, and I'm thrilled to introduce myself... my name is Haley, a writer and artist with a passion for adventure, volunteering, cooking and generally tossing myself into some sorts of shenanigans. I hope you enjoy what you find!

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