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Haley Bader

Hey! You've made it to my site, and I'm thrilled to introduce myself... my name is Haley, and I'm currently a Community and Organizational Development Volunteer with the “Miras-Moldova” Public Association in Comrat, Gagauzia, Moldova. I help out with organizational development, assist with reporting projects and do some English tutoring - when I'm not cooking, reading or spending time with friends. But my real passion is writing, and here I stand. This blog is a personal exploration of the time I spend (sometimes stumbling!) in Moldova. Hope you enjoy!

Horsing Around Moldova

He picked us up directly from the bus station driving a white Lada matchbox that he referred to as his “Russian Jeep.” He hesitated, first, in front of the автостанция entrance, then hummed up, presumably when he noticed the lime green hiker’s pack. He offered a serious smile […]

Leadership, Evolved

It’s common here for Moldovan teachers to hold themselves high above their students. A thoughtful Moldovan spoke to me, once, about how education practices in his country are like the bureaucratic tactics of Soviet times: ruled by distance, leaders are told to keep things calm, make their people […]


My head is splitting, and it’s not an ache. I’d love to reduce it to anxiety. The questioning: we’re talking paths, perspectives, without the Universal GPS. What I’ve begun to understand is that when I question something, I’m questioning a belief: sometimes the ethics, sometimes the usefulness of […]

Wine Tour: Cricova

The ride in is unusual for Moldova – let’s call the village a suburban off-shoot of Chisinau. The roads are wide, the buildings well-plastered, and the trees a lush sexy. Even before the short promenade, you’re welcomed ostentatiously: a large “Cricova” arch suspends over the graveled turn-off. The […]

Juggling Perspectives

I’m making a list and checking it twice for those times when I (feel like I) ’m up shit creek. (If you want to skip strait to the list, go ahead, scroll down quick). The most difficult aspect of service, at the moment, is juggling perspectives. “They” tell […]