In Love: A Letter of Admiration to Moldova

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My heart,

We’ve passed our year’s anniversary, and I’m going to gush. It’s been the fast track for us, and though we’re still learning each other, I confess: I think this is the real thing.

Your idiosyncrasies have broken me, and I re-pieced myself into you (don’t gag, it’s sincere!).

You’ve brought me beauty.

The New Face of Comrat


Every summer, former EVS volunteers make their way back to visit Comrat and the Miras Moldova gang.

This summer, returned volunteer Cosma Billiotel-Roinel came determined to continue his mission! We collaborated on a video to celebrate volunteers and Miras staff, past and present – and to show off the New Face of Comrat.

Horsing Around Moldova

Stories and Culture

He picked us up directly from the bus station driving a white Lada matchbox that he referred to as his “Russian Jeep.” He hesitated, first, in front of the автостанция entrance, then hummed up, presumably when he noticed the lime green hiker’s pack. He offered a serious smile when we got in the car, then stoicism. I joked about the little red-and-black flag above the air conditioning unit: “Batman?” No, he replied; the bat silhouette was the symbol of his army unit.