Street Art Moldova

As you enter Chisinau from the south-side highway, you’re diverted to the right. The minibus ascends, not too steep, to “Telecentru,” a landmark characterized by bridges and strange traffic patterns. We volunteers memorized the place last summer – it was the first stop we always made before heading into the capital for our Pre-Service Trainings.

And it’s still my favorite stop. Under the bridge, tagged “2007,” are parallel walls stretching colorfully for (I’ll estimate) at least 200 meters. There must have been some contest celebrating the local underground, because these walls are crammed with different tags, figures, profiles, symbols and other graffitied scenes.

It’s a dream to get down between those two lanes and snap the whole expanse – but осторожно, baby. Maybe next winter when the snow slows things again.

So none of this beauty for now – but the following compilation is nothing to scorn. One of my favorite hobbies is snapping up Moldovan graffiti, and I’ve chosen some for display. Hope you enjoy!

A cute cafe in Chisinau
My favorite graffiti in all of Moldova. These Russian Nesting Cats adorn the side of an unfinished building (next to an undeveloped lot) close to my host mother’s house in Comrat

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