Month: May 2017

Pride of Chisinau

On Sunday, May 21st I attended the Gay Pride Parade in Chisinau. I arrived at 11:50, and a few rubber-neckers were already beginning to crust around the edges of the police barricade. I entered at the left corner of Bucuresti and Ismail streets. This was the only point […]

How much I miss you

Do you know how much I miss you? Your lives are rolling still and I’m not there to see it happen. I joke, “Haven’t they invented teleportation yet? I mean, we have robotic chefs, suitcases that follow you around the airport and backpacks that make piggyback rides better…”

Motivated! Surprise Event…

We stumbled in cross-eyed, like with many of our ambitions – (mostly) not knowing what to expect. Flimsy communication… We went to the Beshalma museum, a regular attraction for our reporting volunteers. The current museum director is the father of Dmitri Cara-Cobani, a Gagauz historian and poet. She […]

Painting the Roses Red

Groans and clacks now ricochet by the lake in the name of progress. Comrat, a town of many ethnicities and varied allegiances, has recently begun constructing a hotel with the financial aid of bosom-friend Turkey. The first Turkish-sponsored project, which halted and stuttered under resistance from pro-Russian factions, […]