Month: June 2017


Look me in the eyes and tell me you’re not blank. Tell me you’re not nervous, you’re not sly, you’re not chill. Move away, cross your arms, falter, lean in, touch my knee, roll your eyes. You hide that much, too. Your laugh is lilting, your tone is […]

Street Art Moldova

As you enter Chisinau from the south-side highway, you’re diverted to the right. The minibus ascends, not too steep, to “Telecentru,” a landmark characterized by bridges and strange traffic patterns. We volunteers memorized the place last summer – it was the first stop we always made before heading […]

Bumpy Rides with Fidanjik

The summer months are movement. My French colleague Rachel, who volunteers at our local rehabilitative center “Fidanjik” 3 days a week, had been fundraising for an excursion for her “babies” – and, now that the sticky weather permits, her outdoor projects are taking off.