You Need Unique New York, You Know?

I have so many questions about how I will conduct myself in today’s United States. I have so many questions about how we converse to address hard hate. Ours is a country of multiplicity, and a country of unbridled spite. We march for personal freedoms, and we march for the Alt-Right. How can we cope with our divisions and our President’s revisions? Read on for thoughts on today’s US politics, and a photo gallery of a trip (at the end of the post) to NYC – a place I believe may hold some of the answers we seek.

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Coming Home (or, Back to Strange Lands and Good Ol’ Harley Farm)


It’s over a week now, and it’s a big job to get back into the swing of things in the Mother Land. While you were gallivanting abroad, details slipped from lack of refreshers: the Department of Motor Vehicles is a nightmare in some cities but not in others; there’s that tasty Tomato Bisque Soup© (questionably Organic) they sell at the Safeway; your grandma is still ornery, though she laughs more and she’s getting fat. There’s kale in supermarkets, you can buy three mansions and ten years of bunker food at Wegmans. You want to celebrate your first holiday, and cringe like you used to when you see people dressed in ugly American Flag-patterned ________________* for the 4th of July.

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Student Rally in Amiens: Puppetry of Exile

Amiens is well known for its puppetry. This week, students from all over the world came to show off their own puppeteering skills. Their projects were developed under the theme of “Exile.” The youth gathered in the middle of Amiens on Friday, May 18 to rally people to the cause so close to their hearts. Read on for details of their project, an interview with a student and a photo-essay of the puppet march. Their creations are gorgeous!

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