Student Rally in Amiens: Puppetry of Exile

Stories and Culture

Amiens is well known for its puppetry. This week, students from all over the world came to show off their own puppeteering skills. Their projects were developed under the theme of “Exile.” The youth gathered in the middle of Amiens on Friday, May 18 to rally people to the cause so close to their hearts. Read on for details of their project, an interview with a student and a photo-essay of the puppet march. Their creations are gorgeous!

Nature and Disconnect

Stories and Culture

So much of the news we read today is about disconnection.

Loneliness as a symptom of our modern dependence on technology, coupled with disconnection from our communities. Political leaders making policy decisions though they are disconnected from the realities of the majority of their populations. International aid organizations disconnected from the cultures of the people they serve. Teenagers disconnected from their parents, students disconnected from their teachers.

On Air: Students from Comrat’s Journalism Club “Wow”

Stories and Culture, Youth Activities

This is everything you could want to know – and more! – about Comrat’s first Journalism Mentoring Program. Read on for a narrative, project examples, reports on trips to Moldovan media stations and many photographs of the Club’s 7 months of events.

Grandmother’s Garden

Stories and Culture

Of those who live in Moldovan villages, nearly every family keeps a garden. It is also true for homeowners in towns and cities. My host mother’s garden goes beyond sustenance, though: it is a place of gathering and quiet thought for those who pass through.